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Celebrating the Class of 2017

Often lost in the flurry of Graduation’s Pomp and Circumstance are the achievements each graduate brings to this important personal milestone. There were many!

We congratulate the class of 2017 for their collective and individual* accomplishments. Here are a just a few of the greatest.

Four-year scholarships awarded to our graduates added up to over two-million dollars with more than one-million from Walla Walla University alone!

We also are thrilled to share the following few* names of students who earned the attention of outside organizations:

Kira La Sage  was awarded an impressive four-year scholarship to Linfield College.

Jack Stinson was also awarded a four-year scholarship to Linfield College along with a Competitive Scholarship, and a Recognition Award.

Ryan Schmid was granted a Caring Heart Award from the North Pacific Union Conference for his commitments to spiritual leadership. He also was surprised with a COFLT Student Scholarship from the Coalition of Oregon Foreign Language Teachers (COFLT) for his exceptional growth in the Spanish language.

Our honor students, those who took Advance Placement classes, as well as those who chose to pursue dual-credit classes and difficult elective classes should be proud of their hard work.

Those who showed diligence throughout their four years earned kudos for individual grade point averages while all seniors can take pride in their Senior Projects which demonstrated both the knowledge and skills that students acquired to succeed in project learning and presentation.

The PAA family is excited to see how the class of 2017 will apply their wisdom in both their future work and their relationships. Our prayers go with them as well as our greatest desires to see them live Christ-centered and character-driven lives.

*Since the majority of Universities and organizations do not notify us directly with scholarship information, we depend on students and parents to report the news to us. If you know of a student or students that wasn’t named in this article but should be recognized, please contact Mary Sperl or Liesl Vistaunet.

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