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Celebrating PAA’s Academic All State Cougar Power!

The PAA family is over-joyed and incredibly proud to congratulate our fall* sports teams for making the Top 10 Academic All-State list. These students made sure their grades were in tip-top condition even while showing up faithfully despite unusually demanding circumstances in both academics and athletics.

And while we’re in the celebrating mood, we can’t forget to cheer on our newly named Lewis & Clark league 2nd Team and Honorable Mention athletes! See all their photos below and if you know them, be sure to send them a note of encouragement and congratulations.

We’re so proud of everyone of our athletes for their determination to keep at it, despite the pandemic challenges. Way to go, Cougars!

*The Oregon State Activities Association awards for winter and spring sports have not yet been listed.


Cross Country Team: Aidan O’Meara, Caleb Acosta, Daniel Youker, Hayden Hinckley, and Quinton Ulloa.


Girls Soccer: Alyssa Fresse, Anna Ramos, Isabella Meadowcroft, Gaby Castillo, Kaitlyn Nagele, Khin Paw, Krislyn Clouse, Lily Saliba, Maddi Brown, Maria Frazze, Sydney MacLachlan, Tatum Durbin, Ulani Brown, and Ximena Valencia.


Boys Soccer: Andrew Vaughan, Bronson Brown, Cal Patchin, Caleb Warda, Colton Benevento, Darian Cabreras, Edgar Lopez, Eiset Zae, Henry Alcaraz, JJ Chamberlain, Jake Gu, Jonah Reyes-Horvath, Jose Mejia, Josue Diaz, Juan Fresse, Kort Petersen, Luke Werner, Philip Mocenacagi, Sergey Bobrishev, and Warner Brown.


Volleyball: Abi Heinrich, Ava Grant, Bella Heisler, Charlotte Kist, Hannah Gobin, Hannah Vliet, Kalani Kramer, Lili Garcia, Olivia Slabbert, and Sasha Vaughan.

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