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Calling All Student Healthcare Leaders

Calling all students thinking about a future career in healthcare!

Adventist Health/OHSU is providing another opportunity this fall for students to see if the healthcare field is something they want to do. To join the Student Health Care Leaders fall program, you’ll need to register by September 15.

Click below for more information and to register!


Health care is a lot more than just the doctors and nurses – learn about all of the opportunities available in the medical field.


A medical center is like a little city. Take advantage of this once in a lifetime experience to explore behind the scenes of the medical world.

Learn what it takes to be a medical leader – whether as a doctor, nurse, administrator, technician or support person.

Most health care leaders make their decision to be in the medical field while still in high school ~ why not get an early start on your future in health care or medicine?


Establish a network of mentors and connections

  1. Participate in hands-on experiences in a hospital

  2. Meet and talk with some of the leading medical professionals in the city

  3. Have your questions answered by experts in the medical field.

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