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Your Gift Makes a Difference!

As we welcome 2019 we both thank you for your previous gifts and THANK  YOU for your continued support.

Your gift is an investment in students. It helps prepare them for the kingdom of Jesus Christ. It equips them to serve in our communities and our world; changing lives through their influence. That’s an exciting thing to be a part of!

Here are the ways you can give a gift in 2019 and beyond; gifts that make a difference for today and to eternity.  

GIVE  IN  PERSON Our Development Director, Sam Vigil, Jr. is on campus Monday through Friday and would love to visit with you. Stop by or make an appointment. Contact Sam Vigil, Jr. at 503-255-8372, ext. 218. 

GIVE  BY  PHONE Our front office staff as well as Sam can take your donation by phone (and by credit card). Call the front office at 503.255.8372 and leave your donation with a front office staff member. If you’d like to reach Sam, dial 218.

GIVE  BY  SNAIL  MAIL To send a gift by mail to: Portland Adventist Academy, Development Office, 1500 SE 96th Ave., Portland, OR 97216.

GIVE  ONLINE  You may also give a secure gift online HERE.

GIVE  MONTHLY Some of our donors choose to have their gifts automatically transferred each month. If that sounds helpful to you, please contact Sam at 503-255-8372, ext. 218.

And, as ALWAYS, we are thrilled for the opportunity to partner together! Your gifts make a difference!

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