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Welcome Mr. Erik Peterson to the PAA Music Department

Young PAA alumnus, Erik Peterson is humbled to join PAA as he replaces his mentor and former PAA teacher, Tim Ellis.

Peterson earned his music degree from Warner Pacific University while continuing to seek mentorship from Ellis before his death last winter. Peterson has spent countless of unpaid-hours as an intern in two professional recording studios, including Ellis’. This experience makes Peterson a natural fit for PAA’s well developed guitar, music theory, and performance & production courses. He is an accomplished musician who gifts his students with character-driven work ethic.

“My goal is to see students work hard on our craft, to become musicians while also having a lot of fun integrating our work with anything else we might be excited about,” says Peterson. “For example, if a student is working on a film in art class, they could create the music in my class.”

Peterson is also well rounded. He was home-grown in Camas, Washington. Naturally, he is a Blazers fan but truly enjoys all NBA sports. He loves watching movies, Seinfeld reruns, trying new food, and, of course, consuming music. Peterson is in a couple of bands and leads worship music at Van City, a new church in Vancouver, where Peterson now lives.

Hobbies are important, but work is fulfilling. “What excites me about my work at PAA is the time I get to spend with students and seeing them become better musicians over time,” he says. “I’m excited to help them use their skills in Christ-centered ways; whether that’s in worship, with our friends at school, or in completely new ways that the students are excited about.”

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