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Third Grader Empties Piggy Bank for PAA Mission Trip


The story of a little child’s recent sacrifice has been rippling through the halls of PAA, reminding us that gifts of all sizes are powerful.

Sarah, a PAA sophomore, has been eagerly planning to be a part of PAA’s annual mission trip to Fiji. Every spring for the past few years, studentsand staff have traveled with the Jabez Humanitarian Foundation ( to help Fijian locals with health education, basic medical needs, and cleaner sources of drinking water.

Recently, Sarah mustered the courage to stand in front of a sea of faces and talk about why she wanted to be a part of PAA’s mission trip to Fiji. That morning, the people of Sunset Christian Fellowship were inspired. They responded with open and giving hearts.

Several days after she spoke, Sarah was surprised to be handed a handful of quarters; a dollar and seventy-five cents, to be exact. “It was from a little girl in the 3rd grade class my mom teaches,” said Sarah. “She had been visiting my church that day and really wanted to help.”

Sarah was touched by the sacrifice. “I think it’s the sweetest gift I’ve ever been given,” said Sarah. “She actually emptied her piggy bank.”

No one but God knows the level of sacrifice a giver makes. But we think it’s safe to say that there was a tremendous sacrifice made by that little girl.

With a simple but profound gift, this little child not only has helped Sarah fulfill her mission trip dream, but she has inspired others to think upon the very personal ways we sacrifice and give.

We know what Jesus did with five small barley loaves and two small fish. Do we believe he can do the same with the sacrifice of a dollar and seventy-five cents? As “grown-ups” we sometimes get caught up on the facts and improbabilities. But from the pure and innocent faith of a little child, God can feed and heal thousands!

Read the full news story by clicking here!

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