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PAA Students Experience U.S. History Project Based Learning

Some students are calling it the four most intense weeks of school, ever! That’s because they managed to complete a year’s worth of U.S. History in less than a month. Our students spent the first two-weeks in the classroom with Mr. Kootsey. A hefty pile of nightly homework kept them quite busy each afternoon and evening. Following it up were two weeks of interactive and up-close investigations at historical sites along the east coast.

In New York City, students toured Revolutionary War sites, the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum, and enjoyed a Broadway musical at the historic Majestic Theater. They visited important sites like the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the United Nations, and much more.

Finally in Washington D.C. students visited the U.S. Capitol Building, the Supreme Court, the White House, the Pentagon, and even got to visit with Oregon State Senator Merkley.

As one of the most challenging courses we’ve offered our students, we are thrilled that they responded to it so well. This was a tough group of young people who worked hard for their accomplishments.

Thank you, students and families, for investing a big piece of your summer to this Project Based Learning adventure.

Part of our students’ work included documenting their experiences. Take a look below to enjoy many of the students’ photos. Better yet, see all of their photos on their class Instagram page HERE


Time Square // PC: Ben Kreuger-Blehm

Fourth of July fireworks over the Boston Harbor // PC: Ben Krueger-Blehm


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