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PAA Announces Drechelle McCray as Vice Principal of Administration

The Portland Adventist Academy community is celebrating one of its own today!

Drechelle McCray,  English teacher, Gospel Choir director, and a PAA graduate of 2002 is now joining the Administrative staff as Vice Principal!

Principal Mechelle Peinado shared the news with the student body during chapel on Tuesday, May 14.  Their subsequent cheers could be heard on the other end of the school; a testament to the faith she holds by her students and colleagues.

Peinado welcomed McCray to the stage and greeted her with flowers and a warm hug.

“Drechelle is well known and loved by all of us at PAA,” said Peinado. “Not only was she a PAA student and graduate, she has been an outstanding PAA teacher for the last nine years. She has led the Gospel Choir and been involved in many more ways over the years.”

Peinado shared that as the application and interview process progressed, Mrs. McCray was the clear choice; the most qualified and the best fit for the PAA community.

“Drechelle is committed to serving Christ well,” says Peinado, “by loving and encouraging and pushing each student she interacts with. I look forward to working closely with Drechelle in preparing for next school year.”

Pastor Mackenzie Thompson prayed for Mrs. McCray with Pastors Stephen and Steve at her side.

“To you seniors who are about to gradate,” McCray said to the students, “I was you once.”

“When I graduated from PAA in June of 2002, I didn’t think I’d ever come back. Well, I’ve come full circle. It’s amazing how many ways God opens doors and windows to get you where you need to be. Never discount what doors God could open for you.”

Drechelle McCray holds a Masters of Education from Concordia University and a Bachelors Degree from Oakwood University.

She is an involved and loved member of the Sharon Seventh-day Adventist Church; leading in music ministry as well as children and youth ministries.

She is adored and loved by her husband Kevin, a teacher at Portland Adventist Elementary School, and their two young children.

McCray’s role as Vice Principal begins this summer.

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