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Mr. Johnson’s Last Lesson of 2015

At Saturday evening’s Consecration speech during graduation weekend, Mr. Johnson shared one last lesson with the class of 2015.  It was all about the long, patient process of exposing the beauty of an agate and how that relates to our journey through life. Here is a small portion of his meaningful message: 

“Yes, you, are like agates. You have been put into the tumbler we call PAA, and now your overall transformation is amazing.

I would really like to be able to say that you are done with your transformational process. But unfortunately you’re not. You still have many experiences and many people to come in contact with before you are completely polished.

But don’t despair. All of us here tonight are also a work in progress. We are each at different stages in our so called smoothing process. So, the bottom line for each of us is that if we are patient and make good choices, this tumbling process will result in our becoming more and more like Jesus. This process is, in fact, a work of a lifetime.

Seniors, continue to grow, continue to strive for greatness, but more importantly, continue to become more and more like Jesus.  I look forward to seeing you in heaven, where there will be no more sickness, and there will be no more death, where we will be reunited with our loved ones and our friends, where I won’t have to wear trifocals or struggle just to remain upright.  A place where I will be able to tell which of the twins is Sarah and which is Sophie.”

“As a small token of my affection, and as a reminder of tonight, seniors, you will find a couple of my agates in your senior gift bag. One has been tumbled and polished, and one has not. One is to remind you of where you have come from and one is to remind you of where you are headed. Remember, God has a plan for you. So continue to grow and be polished until the day Jesus comes.”

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