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Mission Report

Our deepest thanks to those who supported our students and staff in prayer and funding. You’ve invested in a meaningful experience for our students and helped already founded missions around our world. Here are the final reports of our world-wide travels!


“Bringing high school students on a serious trip like

[AU’s] could have been a distraction,” acknowledged Rita Barrett, PAA Spanish teacher. “It is a miracle we were invited to come!”

“The Lord did it,” says Dr. Fernado Ortiz, AU’s Master of Divinity director and the founder of Care for Cuba.

“It all started with the Lord impressing upon ‘Profesora’ Rita Barrett to take her students on a mission trip to Cuba. My first reaction was, ‘not possible’ as we have never done it and our trip is full to capacity and it was mainly for Master-level students. But as we prayed, the Lord impressed upon my heart that we should give it a try and work together on this endeavor. As a result we ended up adding another evangelistic venue targeting youth, young adults and university students, and it was a huge success! To God be the Glory!”

The trip was a privilege PAA students did not take for granted. Their diligent preparation months before the trip was a testament to their understanding of this honor as well as the Christ-centered and character-driven values of our school.

Our students returned with opened eyes to the eagerness of others desires to learn more about Christ. “People were so friendly and open with us,” said PAA Junior, Adoniah Simon. “We were able to invite so many people to the meetings just simply by hanging out in the plaza, playing Frisbee, and making friends with strangers.”

There is so much more to tell! That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire page to the Cuba mission trip story. Read it, see pictures, watch videos, and learn more HERE.


A recap and final ending to this story will be coming this summer as the project concludes entirely. Read more about Dignity Village HERE. Learn about its work with the city since 2001, and how it responsibly and safely helps homeless people live and transition into a more stable life.




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