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In one night, more than $50,000 was raised for students!


Auctioneer, Gale Crosby led the crowd to generously give more than $50,000 for student scholarships.

The Portland Adventist Academy Student Scholarship (PAASS) is now $50,000 stronger thanks to the hundreds people who partnered to reach a common goal: providing students with a Christ-centered and character-driven education.

The PAASS Auction was a delight for the senses and heart-strings! Guests arrived to a winter wonderland, sparkling with the warmth of holiday lights, clean white snow-scapes, and PAA musicians playing cheery tunes. But it was underneath the glittery surface where the love truly shimmered.

It was our ambitious village of volunteers* who crafted the magical evening. The hard work was tirelessly gifted by parents, grandparents, students, teachers, and friends of PAA*.

Auction sponsors empowered individual gifts to make a greater impact! We humbly thank Koelsch Senior Communities, Generations LLC, Northwest Adventist Credit Union, Oregon Conference of Education, and Adventist Health for their partnerships in this ministry.

Finally, we are so very grateful to the people who made personal decisions to give towards the event goal of $50,000 and our annual goal of $220,000.  Thanks to YOU for hosting tables, inviting guests, generously bidding, and for your gifts from the heart. It is these kinds of sacrifices that provide miracles for PAASS  students!

Our hearts are full of gratitude for YOU!

Didn’t get a chance to come? Our annual $220,000 goal still needs your support! Join the community of miracle makers by prayerfully giving and supporting PAASS HERE.

Read this true story of a boy whose life was changed through PAASS:


Our Deepest Thanks to the Auction Volunteers *These special individuals made great sacrifices to help meet our PAASS goals. If you see a name you recognize, be sure to thank them along with us!

Gale Crosby – Auctioneer Brian Irvine – Platform specialist – data input/program/etc. Ann Schnibbe – Pre and post event assistance in organizing Janelle Wheeling – Graphic design Jane Nicola – Decorations LuDell Parrett – Decorations Dan Nicola – Decorations Rebecca Meadowcroft – Registration Janiece Hinckley – Registration/Donated Christmas trees Isabella Meadowcroft – Raffle ticket specialist & set-up assistance (future Cougar) Hayden Hinckley – Raffle ticket specialist &set-up assistance (future Cougar) Kathy Calkins – Dessert Dash organizer Emma Slabbert – Dessert Dash assistant Lisanette  Curdella – Photo Booth Photographer Sandra Blank – Class Basket procurement Nina Kight – Class Basket procurement U’Lee Brown – Auction item pick-ups Linda Neel – Pre-event pick-ups Scott Hanson – Christmas tree donations Skyler Torgerson – Sleigh Design Samantha Torgerson – Sleigh Design Ali Lobaina – Sleigh Design Mr. Slabbert – Clean up Kevin Shim – Clean up Michael Maxwell – Clean up

Staff Monte Torkelsen – Event Organizer – Procurement/Sponsorships/Attendance/Signage/etc. Savannah Maxwell – Registration Contact/Pre-event Communication/Silent Auction Ty Johnson – Procurement/Sponsorships/Event Host Jason Bibb – Procurement/Sponsorships Sonia Shim – Silent Auction/Appetizer & Beverage tables Stephanie Torgerson  (Chef Stef) – Catering Sean Kootsey – Head of House (directed and instructed Senior servers) Stephen Lundquist – Senior Sponsor – set-up/tear down Mechelle Peinado – Senior Sponsor – kitchen crew Mary Sperl – Live Auction recorder, registration, tear-down Cindy Goh – Auction item pick ups and clean up Liesl Vistaunet – Photography, communications, and tear-down Naomi Woods – Music coordinator

Student Performers Courtney & Zoe Minden, Ivan Danilich & Chelsea Gibson PASO Ensemble (Ivan Danilich, Chelsea Gibson, Eli Haynal, Elliott Jin, Luke MIrasol, Rachelle Sloop, Lauren Solari) PAAn Band (Abby Azrak, Andrew Eoff, Taylor Eum, Courtney Minden, Brenda Yu, Tannah Xu) Ivan Wu & Frank Yu

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