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Hello, Mrs. Weinstein

Mrs. Weinstein, PAA’s new Photography and Media Arts teacher, is excited to help her students focus their personal hearts’ lenses on Christ. “When He’s your focus it defines your character,” she says.

Mrs. Weinstein is a professional photographer who graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design and whose work as a magazine and freelance photographer in New York has given her a wealth of knowledge and industry experience. She replaces Mr. Long who is on to new adventures as a dad and film maker.

Get to know her a bit more through this short interview:

1) Tell us about your background?

I’m a Portland native (last of a dying breed). I attended PAA all four years and graduated in 2006. While attending PAA I was involved in sports (soccer, basketball, cross country), music (band – alto sax), Worship Committee, and hosted a lot of fundraisers for the school and my class.

I discovered my passion for art while taking Media Arts (called Multimedia at the time) from Mr. Kooy, which is now the class I teach. My friends used to tell me I would one day teach in the Mac Lab and I secretly wanted it to be true but never believed it. Now I’m here!

In 2010 I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), one of the top art schools in the country. After graduating college I moved to New York where I traveled as a freelance photographer and photography assistant for various magazines and photographers. Today in addition to teaching, I produce commissioned and personal art as a fine artist, and am currently exploring other mediums such as painting, drawing and mixed media. I am also set to attend Portland State University over the summer to receive my Masters in Secondary Education for Art so that I can teach students all forms of art, not just Film, Photography and Graphic Design.

I was born Adventist, attending both Your Bible Speaks (YBS) and Sharon SDA churches. I am currently a member of Sharon SDA.

2) What excites you about your career and in the desire to teach young people?

I’m the person that I am today because of my teachers! More specifically the teachers and my experience at PAA. I attended Public School my entire life until I came to PAA my freshman year. PAA changed and saved my life. The opportunities I was given at PAA is the reason I’m here today. I want to give that back to as many children as possible. The way kids get excited about learning something new or accomplishing a challenge, is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen.

3) What does “Christ-centered and character-driven” mean to you and how do you hope to integrate this into your classroom?

You never lose when you keep God at the center of you life. When you let him lead and you rely on him everything you’ve ever wanted, you get. Even the things you didn’t know you wanted… NEEDED. Everything I have right now is because I invited God into my heart and kept my focus on Him. And when He’s your focus it defines your character. My style has always been to lead by example and have open, honest conversation and expression. Through this, my classroom will be known as a place where you see God in action. Where you can receive prayer and encouragement.

4) Who is your family and what should we know about them?

My Family… I have a husband, his name is Aaron. I have a dog, her name is Marley. She is the best, and so his he. My sister is Vitina Williams who also attended and graduate from PAA, class of 2004. She is best remembered for her energy and cheering at Cougar Basketball games. My parents are Esau & Denise Williams, they still reside in Portland, and attend Sharon SDA.

5) What are some fun, or amazing, or unique things about you?

I would say one of the best things (which very few people know) is that I used to study aviation and fly planes (real and remote control). I had my student pilot’s license before I even knew how to drive. I flew my first airplane at 12 years old.

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