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Goodnight, Larry Caudell

Larry Caudell, was our previous plant services director for 15 years. He loved PAA! 

Our hearts are heavy as we share that long time former PAA staff member, Larry Caudell, passed away recently. We offer our sympathy and prayers to his wife Nonie, the entire Caudell family, and to his Sandy SDA church family.

Larry and his wife Nonie had big hearts for young people. Nonie asks that we honor Larry not by sending her flowers but through contributions to worthy student funds.

“Please support students at Portland Adventist Academy and Hood View Junior Academy,” she says, “because flowers and plants die away but donations to students can change lives forever.”

Larry’s work at PAA was rooted in his belief that Adventist education can truly change lives. As our plant manager, he kept PAA running smoothly for 15 school years. But he was so much more than a handy-man. Larry LOVED PAA and that love was returned. Upon his retirement in 2007, the ReVista year book staff dedicated their work to him.

Larry and his grand daughter loved  traveling in the big bus. Here they are, ready for Larry’s 15th music tour!

Our alumni and staff recall Larry’s impact. On school trips, students hoped and often begged to be assigned to Larry’s bus. Linda Neel, music teacher for 32 years, says Larry attended every music tour and he loved it when the kids would sing. He even asked them to sing on the bus!

Alumni and staff remember Larry’s loud and distinctive cell phone ring-tone, his quick wit, his jovial spirit, and his devotion to PAA athletes. Larry rarely missed a game and he was often found on the team bench during games! His presence and good spirit were always welcome.

Larry wasn’t just a supporter of activities around campus. He was a visionary. He saw the value of Adventist education; to bring young people to Jesus. Larry worked with a number of schools and churches on their building projects and he also served on the boards of Hood View Junior Academy and his home church, Sandy SDA Church. Larry’s energy and love for this community have made a lasting impact and will not be forgotten.

Join Nonie Caudell, her family, and our community in remembering Larry on October 28, 2:30pm at Sandy SDA Church.

As requested, gifts in Larry’s honor can be directed to worthy student funds at HVJA at and PAA at


PAA Remembers Larry . . . 

Linda Neel, former Music teacher: Larry loved going on our music tours. He absolutely loved it when students would sing on the bus. We have many memories of being lost on music tours and turning around in grocery store parking lots. Nonie, Larry, and I would try to find a place to have a slice of pie at least once during the tour. It was our tradition. Nonie and Larry also cooked many of our meals on music trips. And if I ever needed anything for my classroom, he would find a way to do it. He and Nonie even made the covers for the steel drums.

Jason Bibb, Principal and PAA graduate: I was a student when Larry was here. I just remember how much fun he was and how much he loved us, as students. He and Nonie have always loved PAA.

David Huckaby, IT: Larry loved PAA but even more than that he LOVED working with the kids.

Lance Judd, Athletics and PAA graduate: Larry was our hugest fan. He drove us to every single game and would sit on the bench with the team. He was a huge support to our teams and to our entire school.

Liesl Vistaunet, Communications: When I was new at PAA, right away Larry made me feel welcomed and that I belonged. I remember his smile and it is permanently etched in my memory.

Steve McFeters, Facility Manager and PAA graduate: His passion was kids. I watched him as chairman of the board at HVJA. He really pushed Christian education from up front at church. After the logging industry was shutting down, Larry came to PAA. He loved it here. One time he nominated me to be head deacon even though I didn’t really want to. But I did it anyway and it really freed him up to be more involved at PAA. I think that’s what he really wanted. He was so involved in everything. He would even bring his RV to school and stay overnight because he had events that he wanted to be at and would be driving the bus for every group. I still find stuff around the school that I know Larry fixed last. It’s good to come across those things so many years later.

Kimberly Helton, Library Attendant and PAA graduate:  I remember his laugh and can hear his voice. Larry was part of the fabric of my childhood. He was my pathfinder director, my youth leader, an elder in the church, on the school and church boards. He just loved us. He was very good at teaching you how to do things. And if we were learning something he’d really teach us in-depth. He took the time and gave us the attention. Larry was kind of a “why have a fire when you can have a blaze?” kind of a guy. He always did everything big. Noni was the voice of reason. It was all good because we stayed busy and active.

Dimitra Weinstein, Digital Arts and PAA graduate: I remember Larry when I was a student. He always had a smile. And although I rarely saw him, he knew me by name and made me feel as if I mattered every time we spoke. His smile and laugh I will forever remember. He made music tour so much fun, and you could really see he loved us all.

Dawn Johnson, Office Manager and PAA graduate: I will never forget Larry’s boisterous and contagious laughter or his big bear hugs. Your day was always brightened when Larry was in it And if anyone bled “Cougar blue,” it was Larry!

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