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Continuing the Work in 2018

Reaching Beyond PAA, spring-break mission trips have fostered life-changing and empowering experiences for two decades. The communities and people we serve year after year are blessed, lifted up, and empowered while many of our students return from these experiences having been deeply impressed with a call to serve.

This school year, we continue the work in Fiji, the Bahamas, and our hometown, Portland.

For eight consecutive years, PAA has traveled to the Fijian island of Rabi to support the health and education work of

Jabez Humanitarian Foundation (JHF). The JHF works to eliminate waterborne diseases that cause severe illness and even death. With better infrastructure as well as education, islanders thrive. The JHF also offers medical, dental, and vision clinics where our students are able to participate in giving basic health care.

For five consecutive years, PAA has sent a small group of students to the Bahamas where they join a family organization called Sail & Serve in on-going hurricane and tropical storm recovery. After the recent devastating hurricane season, our students are prepared for extra hard work.

Here in Portland, we will again partner with the

Hood View Seventh-day Adventist Church in building a tiny home for a new resident of Dignity Village, a homeless community sanctioned by the city of Portland. This week-long learning/working mission gives students the chance to confront the painful realities of our own time and culture while discovering how to make a powerful difference in the life of a fellow Portlander. Students learn basic construction skills, problem solving challenges, and build friendships with each other and the community.

PAA students, staff, and parents prayerfully looked into ways to travel to and support Puerto Rico as the people rebuild from hurricane destruction. It was clear that traveling there was not in God’s plan or time. Instead, our Sus Manos group will find local ways to support our community while they are able to practice and use the Spanish language.

In the mean time . . .

Spring break is coming! We ask you to cheer these students on as they prepare to have their eyes, minds, and hearts opened to others in need. Financial support* from church families are blessed investments and your prayers for God’s guidance are treasured.

*You can support our young missionaries by giving directly to the Beyond PAA fund HERE.

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