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A Call for Thanksgiving – Principal Update

Just before our [PAA Student Scholarship] auction, a recent graduate reached out to us.

The graduate received PAASS funds when they attended PAA.  In fact, his family could not afford for him to attend PAA without those funds.

He felt that PAA completely changed his life and future and is very grateful.

Now, he is working his way through college to limit student loans.

Despite that, he feels called to try to give to others what was given to him.  He asked us to find a student who needed financial help to stay at PAA, and he has started a second job so he can donate $200 a month to PAASS so someone else can have their life changed.

Praise God!

Praise Him for our students, for our alumni, for our staff, for our pastors, for our supporters.  Praise Him for the opportunity to be part of changing students’ lives and helping them know Him. Praise God for this graduate’s heart and generosity.

In this season of thanksgiving, I am so grateful for all the ways God blesses and all the people He blesses through.

God bless you,

Mechelle Peinado PAA Principal


The PAA Student Scholarship Auction was a success! More than $44,000 was raised through our incredible community!

There is still plenty of time to make a tax-deductible donation for 2019. You can do that HERE. Or you can connect directly with our Director of Development, Sam Vigil Jr. at 503.255.8372 x218. 

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