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How to help PAA students now

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

See the video stories of how attending PAA changed the lives of four alumni. Receiving financial aid so they could be at PAA made all the difference in their lives.

See the first video below.

Only because of your generous giving and that of others like you, more than 50% of students are able to attend PAA in the 2023-24 school year, where they learn to become Christ-Centered, Character-Driven young men and women.

You can help a student attend or remain at PAA by giving to the PAA Student Scholarship (PAASS) Fund.

As you view these stories, please consider how you might generously support today's students at PAA so that their lives will be changed for eternity, too. Thank you!

Hao Au, PAA Class of 1991, was one such student whose life was changed at PAA - he was able to attend PAA because of financial aid he received because of generous supporters of Adventist education. Watch the video below.

You can find other videos of alumni stories from our News page here.

The remaining videos will be posted on December 12 and the week after Christmas.

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