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Spiritual Life

Portland Adventist Academy embraces students of all faiths. Clear Christian values and teachings are an integral part of our day. Spend an average day with us and you’ll find we seek our Creator every chance we get.

Our teachers seek God on a daily basis. They work together to towards the goal to someday meet every student in heaven.


Because of this hope and our shared values, our program is rich with spiritual opportunities.

Every Tuesday, we stop our busy activities and meet in the heart of our campus to worship. Through Campus Ministries, students can participate in planning and leading worship events like chapel and optional Friday night vespers.

Our students also have the chance to experience God through Beyond PAA which includes events like Bible Camp, a weekend long youth conference; class leadership trips; an annual Agape Feast; Week of Worship several times a year; service projects like Inside/Out Day, global & local mission trips, and CAPs (change agent projects).

Over the years, our students have shared God’s love in places like Cuba, Fiji, Bahamas, and our own home town of Portland. We’re committed to offering service and outreach opportunities so students can experience being His hands and feet.

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