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Welcome New Music Teacher, Ms. Woods!

“My number one job as a teacher is to spark a love of learning,” says Naomi Woods, PAA’s new music teacher. “I want students to love learning about God, about music, and about how to reach people for God through music.”

Her career, hobbies, and even her education reflects this desire. Woods received her Bachelor’s degree in K-12 Music Education along with a Religion minor from Union College. She then went on to finish her Masters of Music Education from Boston University. Before coming to PAA she has worked at schools in Nebraska, California, and even Tualatin Valley Academy, our sister school.

Naomi grew up as an Air Force and Army kid so she is well traveled. As an adult, she continues to seek adventure and travel. She took a year out of college to live in Australia to work as a dean and campus ministries director and she most recently returned from Zimbabwe where she spent her summer teaching music at an orphanage with

Naomi is an active and energetic person with a love of both art and athletics. In her spare time she enjoys tennis, kayaking, hiking, reading, painting, writing, and anything involving creativity or the outdoors. She also loves giving her time and skills to help others.

Miss Woods says she’s thrilled to be at PAA among a supportive community with excited students. “I believe that all students are important and can learn music,” she says. “I believe that students don’t have to choose between athletics or music but can be gifted in both areas. I believe that music should be fun and productive and that it can’t just be one or the other. I believe in the value of humor to educate and manage. I believe music is a core class of infinite value.”

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