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Pandemic UPDATE: PAA Finally Meets for In-Person Learning!

Portland Adventist Academy students and teachers began meeting for cohort-style in-person learning today following updated state and county protocol for in-person learning. Of course, PAA students and families continue to have the option for distance learning.

As the spread of the COVID-19 virus has become increasingly understood, health authorities have identified the best practices for opening schools while protecting students, teachers, and the community. Our plan is reflective of state and county mandates. You can read them in the links below.

Yes, these plans are complex. They also require detailed accountability. But by following all criteria, students, teachers, and the community at large are better protected from this pandemic.

“No other Oregon Department of Education regulations have been removed,” says Principal, Mechelle Peinado. “In fact, additional ones were given on December 31, and we have been told that more are coming [soon]. In order to comply with the ODE rules, we will start our in-person instruction with a hybrid model.

Remember. To love thy neighbor is to keep our community healthy. As these protective policies are upheld so then do we uphold the faith and trust of our entire community.

To protect each other and to maintain our ability meet for in-person learning . . .

  1. All students and staff will be required to wear face coverings.

  2. Frequent hand washing or hand sanitizer use will be required.

  3. Physical distancing will be implemented with limited class sizes.

  4. Cleaning and sanitizing will happen in every room frequently throughout the day.

  5. Deep sanitizing will be completed every night.

For a thorough list of mandates and policies, visit our Safety & Wellness page HERE.


If you know someone who is interested in attending PAA or would benefit from an excellent, in-person, Christ Centered, Character Driven education, encourage them to contact us soon. Due to physical distancing requirements, we have limited class sizes that are nearly full. Call 503.255.8372 to book a personal or virtual tour. Click HERE to learn more about PAA.

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