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PAA Welcomes Jeremy Long

At seven years old, Jeremy’s mother “forced” him to take piano lessons. It was five years later that he finally thanked her. By the age of 12 he was obsessed with music and songwriting. He started a band with his best friends and continued to be mentored by his teacher, Michael Simpson.

Even at two hours from his home in Tillamook, Oregon, PAA was his destiny. After all, there are Long roots at PAA. Four out of seven siblings have graduated from PAA while two have taught here. More importantly, PAA had a professional recording studio and master teacher.

“I was incredibly fortunate to take four years of classes from the legendary Tim Ellis,” said Jeremy. “I had heard stories of his ‘shredding’ on the guitar, but I cannot describe in words how blown my mind was as I witnessed it for the first time.”

After graduating from PAA in 2011, Jeremy attended Musicians Institute, a contemporary music college in the heart of Hollywood. The classes focused on songwriting and music production, live performance, and how to navigate the ever-changing music industry as a do-it-yourself artist. During his time away from Oregon, he gained wisdom and experience. He co-wrote and produced several albums and performed in and around Los Angeles at venues like The Viper Room and House of Blues.

God was preparing Jeremy for PAA. After the tragic loss of Tim Ellis, PAA needed someone with unique and special talents to stand in those great shoes. Jeremy’s early passion for music, his life-long education, his recently enriching experiences, and his love for PAA paved the way back home.

“To me, the ideals of our “Christ-centered and character driven” values are best represented in humility, hard work, & honesty. Tim Ellis was one of the hardest-working individuals I have ever met. Instead of coasting on his innate talent, he chose to further his skills throughout his entire life. He was always pushing himself to accomplish new things. My good friend Erik Peterson continued that legacy here at PAA over the last two years. And now I am going to do my best to follow suit in my own unique way.”

“I am thrilled and humbled by the opportunity to teach this class,” he says. “It not only allows me to share my love for music with others but it also grants me the chance to grow in my own artistry.”

Jeremy does continue growing. He recently built a recording and production studio where he records musicians and his original music. Also growing is his love for his soon to be wife, Alisa. Together, they love coffee, road-tripping, concert-going, and exploring cities as well as country sides. They adore their 20-pound, rescue dog, Jude.

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