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It Was a Good Week at PAA

The week of April 15 to 19, 2019 will go down in our history as a powerful week. From a special staff led week of worship to major decisions made to move our school forward to a brighter future, we witnessed compounding blessings day after day.

We Worshiped Monday began the last Week of Worship of the school year. Our school family came together each day to hear from teachers and staff members as they shared stories to encourage our faith and deepen our understanding of the Holy Week and our salvation in Jesus’ death and resurrection. We were so blessed!

We Celebrated Tuesday morning, we gathered for another day of Week of Worship. Surprise guests, Gale Crosby and Dan Nicola, superintendents from the Oregon Conference education department, revealed that our very own Mrs. Mechelle Peinado had been confirmed as principal the night before at a board meeting. Our long awaited search for a principal was finally over.

We Dreamed On Wednesday, our teachers, staff, and administration met with a professional visioning consultant provided by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. We began the important process of shaping a new mission statement, a new vision statement, and a new direction for our future.

We progressed Thursday carried further momentum. Crucial business conversations took place, bringing us closer to an agreement on property development and continued confidence in the hope of a new school building.

We Reflected On Friday, our final day of Week of Worship, we were reminded that “the thief on the cross” was promised a place in the Kingdom.  Jesus’ invitation to that great place is for each one of us. He calls our students by name. He calls our teachers by name. He calls you by name.

We Rested Our school community came to the cross during an Agape Feast Friday evening.  We layed our hopes and cares at His feet. We embraced the Sabbath knowing that our celebrations, our visions, and our grandest buildings cannot compare to the treasures that await us in our forever home. We continue to praise Jesus for His life, His death, and His resurrection.

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