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How YOU can support PAA’s Food Revolution

Hi! I’m Chef Stef and, as you may have heard, I’m trying to do something new and exciting for our students. As a culinary student, I did my internship with Chef Ann in Boulder, Colorado. She is one of the leaders of the school Farm-to-Table movement and has successfully made healthy school lunches part of the curricula in education.

This is my dream for PAA and all of our Adventist schools!

As Adventists, we have a rich history in understanding that food affects our bodies, mind, and spirit. We are what we eat! For this reason, I want to be a part of helping our schools share our important health message with people while teaching its value to our students.

I also want to open students’ eyes to how our food is sourced and how to grow it successfully right here on our campus! Imagine the pride a student might feel if they get the pleasure of cooking food they helped grow in the garden. This can be a reality!

We are in the early stages of this dream and a supportive community will make this successful! We need carpenters to build garden grow boxes and gardeners to help start the gardens. We also need parent volunteers who could be a part of the daily kitchen creations.  We have a lot of fun in the kitchen and, best of all, you get to see the smiles of all our students while you help support their education with nutritious food.

If this sounds exciting to you, please call me! It would be a pleasure to have you join the excitement as we educate our children on the delights of a good diet and the richness of our planet’s provisions. Contact me at (703) 338-5747 or by email at

Sincerely, PAA’s Chef Stef (Stephanie Torgerson)

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