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Comfort During COVID-19 Distancing

You are a part of a connected human race. And if you’re a PAA student or a parent, you are a part of this very connected community.

We value our community and miss seeing your familiar faces: students laughing, sharing hugs, and our teachers praying for their students’ individual needs.

While we cannot meet as a community during this time, we ARE thinking of you and want to offer encouragement. This page is dedicated to messages of encouragement for this unique moment in history.

PAA Community (Chaplain’s Office) Ongoing encouragement is updated several times a week on the PAA Community website. Read honest thoughts from PAA students on the blog and hear wisdom from students and teachers on Pastor Mackenzie’s podcast. Find it at


From the PAA Staff Family: We Love You & Miss You!


Each of us is experience this time in our own unique ways. Your home environment, your access to technology, food, fresh air, a good sleep all make an impact on how you move through life. Be kind to those around you, knowing your experience is different than mine.

And know this: we were never meant to walk through pain alone. God created us for community and for companionship. Our differences and diversity make us stronger as a team.



Do you feel a deeper call toward our Core Values during this pandemic? Talk about it with your friends, teachers, parents. Write about it. Date it and keep it for history. This is a remarkable time in history. Won’t it be interesting to read your teenage perspective when you’re 50 years old? Write about how these values have shaped you during this time. Write about what’s been hard and where you’ve found courage. And always know you can reach out to a teacher or staff member for prayer.


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