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2023 Cougar Hall of Fame

Updated: Aug 17

Saturday, September 30, 2023

5 pm - Doors Open



2002 Cougar Boys Varsity Basketball Team

Front: Greg Nakashima, Ramon Santos, Tony Nakashima

2nd Row: Assistant Coach Jay Pierce, Gordon Avery, Alan Krause, Ryan Matthews, Casey Dietrich, Jason Bibb, Brian Farthing, Trevor Wart, Ryan Duke, Andy Montgomery, Head Coach Lance Judd

Having made it into the State playoffs and headed to the 3rd-place playoff game, the team chose to forfeit the game rather than play the game scheduled during Saturday Sabbath hours. At that time, the OSAA was unwilling to reschedule the game to accommodate the team’s religious beliefs.


Vicki Ballou and Charles Hinkle

Attorneys Vicki Ballou and Charles Hinkle provided pro bono work in lawsuits and appeals from 1997 – 2008 seeking accommodation for the team’s Sabbath observance and continued participation in the State boys basketball playoffs.

In addition, all the students and families who were named in the lawsuits will be recognized.

For more information, contact Lance Judd at

Sponsorships and recognition available. Contact Lance Judd for details.

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